Hongkong 🌐

       When I visited The Pearl of the Orient or Hongkong, I thought that, its all about top notch business infractures and/or business pleasure since its renowned as one of the significant Fianancial centres in the world. But it does not all work and no play in HK.

Since HK also are enriching and fun place to be discovered of, from business to lifestyle, and from culture to its architectural landmarks in a central districts that are attracted to visit for.👍

Venturing the city💁

So my journey in HK, started @ Panda Hotel 🐼 in Tsuen Wan St. This is one of the famous and largest hotel in the Tsuen Wan District.

Feels like home💁

Its a very vibrant and convinient place to stay for from a stressful flight, were I can chillax with the pretty view.💆

chillaxing view from my Panda room 🐼

The the place is near from the City and Airport as well. And easy to access transpo vehicles too👍.

The vicinity💁 with all the pandas around🐼#cutty🐼

The Panda place offered also good benifits and amenities for an easy daily life style such as the Panda Cafe and Restaurant that offers and served warmly buffet style of foods🍴.

Just dining🍴

Or for those seafood lovers best recommended for you is the Banquet Shunde Seafood Cuisine @ 2nd fl. of Panda place only. They were known as preference for freshwater fishes and seafoods.🍴

For more choices, there are some nearest fastfoods or foody places around the district to dine for also🍴.

While walking around💁

Like the very convinient Thai Chef  restau @ Tsing long Highway or Yuen long highway, they served delicious beef steak, that I loved.🍴

Walking distance only from Panda Hotel👍

Apart from foods, there were a lot of mini one stop stores like seven eleven and shopping mall located around the Tsuen Wan District area only Like the AEON MALL that offers basic needs of different  stuffs.

While in the district 👍

Then, I took the chance also to visit the Famous heritage park @ Tak wah St. were walking distance only from Tsuen Wan district. 

Exploring and walking around☺

The Jockey Club Tak Wah Park @ Tak Wah St. 

It’s a friendly and good place to hang out with your friends, kids or even love ones😍.

This is the History of the park💁

It’s also a free park that opens to all esp. for tourists who wants to visit here and capture some memories with the park.

The This also a time for sightseeing with the nature and taking glimpsed with some original old amazing buildings inside the park.

Don’t miss it❗❗

One of the attractions here was the Sam Tung UK Museum that has been well preserved by the government.

Well preserved wood👍

Large stones that has been well cared by the park👍

I also joined the city tour for the next day @ Wan Chai district. (a compulsory tour for those who gets package tour).


The first tourist destinations was the famous and Golden Bauhinia Square @ Wan Chai. It was known as the Giant Statueof Golden Bauhinia Blakeana found at the  centre of the area.

#cityflower 🌻💐

Front view of Golden square 💁

Making memories @ front view of golden square!

Getting some fresh air @ golden square view👍

This statue situated at the renowned Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

At the back was the famous convention, were popular HK celeb like Jackie Chan took his “Police” Movie Scene here.

The turn over of (flag) ceremonies for Hongkong was established here.

With the HK flag👍

The convention also held major exhibitions like the Asia World Expo 🌐.

From Wan Chai district, I went to Jumbo Kingdom, which I was amazed with the Sprawling Floating Restaurant🍴.

Capturing the best @jumbo💁

Traditional designed👍

I was amazed with its traditional decors designed that decorated with a style of Ancient Chinese Imperial Palace.

The restaurant focuses on seafoods and Cantonese cuisine.

Around the Jumbo river was sorrounded by the beautiful yatch’s owned by famous personalities in HK, like the celeb Jackie Chan (yatch)🚤. No wonder? it is famous because of the International renowned celeb had visited here also.

From Jumbo, I took the chance also to visit the famous Hongkong Jewelry Factory @ Victoria road HK. 

Letz have shopping #goldisIn #lucky to have one💁#souvenirformyself😍

I was charmed and fascinated of the state of art craftsmanship with it’s magnificent designed✨💫.

The process of making/creating/or personalize your own jewelries💎#lucky

My attention was captured by the realm of limited lucky gemstones products, apart from the gold&whitegold luxurious jewelries they sell💸💍.

Shopping pa more❗I got the #luckybangle that balances life thru positive energy #luckyone 💁

I got the chance also to win the price by answering the right questions to their mini fondly activity. It’s a free gift love and give aways as means of thankfulness to us. I felt happy and blessed, of course💁.

The one that got away…..was ME 💁 #luckystone for the lucky girl💁 #worthit

And before ended the day, I took the chance to venture the famous market place and big open air shopping mall in Mongkok – the Ladies (Night) street market.

Venturing the market with my comfy sleepers👣#walkingfeelslike👣

It was known as the premiere fashionista destination, since we all know hat HK was one of the popular shopping city in the Asia. 💸💳

since this marketplace was too big for me, I had a fun experienced of trawling around in order to find and choose good products in an affordable price for #pasalubong for my love ones.😍

By looking for some souvenir apparels, you have to be wiser because many vendors selling those common souvenir stuffs like clothing, accessories, magnets, keychains and etc. with it’s different prices.👍

My HK trip feels, will not be complete with out exploring the excited attraction here in city, (that is one also in my bucketlists)No other the ⤵

Hongkong Disneyland 🏰

Welcome to the Happiest place in the World❗💁

Captures your magical moments with your favorite disney friends, shows🎶, attractions 🎭 and fun filled disney rides❗such as: 🎡🎢

Young @ ❤ #foreveryoung💁

👉 Toy Storyland Thrill rides with:

Either with Toy Soldier Parachute Drop that drops me from the sky❗

Or RC Racer in its gravity defying race❗


👉 Tomorrowland with exciting activities of:

Iron Man Experience presented by AIA were having a fun to see the latest advancements in technology with fondly heroic encounter w/ Iron Man👍.

and Iron Man Tech Showcase presented by Stark Industries with thrill rides❗

Then, Star Wars Command Post were I had a  chance to experience the journey to hidden resistance.

and Hyperspace Mountain soar high with Starfighters 💪.

👉 Adventureland Climb high with scary and thrill rides:

Big Grizzly Gulch Mountain (look)
while riding with the Gulch mine cars that will bring you from the top.😱

And aftet that fondly rides, Geyser Gulch awaits you with water play that will definitely soaked you.😜

👉 Fantasyland that will bring you from a magical portal into a timeless realm of enchanment✨💫Like :

Micky & the Wondrous book
one of attractions in fantasyland that will give you a chance to join Mickey as he journeys the pages of a Wondrous book❗🎶

and the Fairytale Forest as you walk thru a whimsical story book of classic disney fairytales 👸.

👉  Wonderland with its colorful and realm beauty of magic👸💫.

👉 Mystic Manor (point) were I felt amazed by the archeological antiquities and art collections of Lord Henry Mystic’s Magneto from around the world that created unbelievable illusions 😱.

Disney also offered inspired Cuisine and savory delicacies from Certified Halal food into Asia’s tastes that warmly served in a family style setting like the Plaza Inn🍴.

Then, the beautiful freshy corner area of the restau, were I can take a rest after eating🍴.

Star Liner Diner
was another choices or option that ready and opened to serve. If you’re looking for some comfy food like snacks types of food such as beef burger or fries, then this is the best for you🍴. There were a lot of foody places or food stalls inside the disney park🍴so no worries for You🍴😋.

But if disney is included in your package tour, then you can avail the cuopon meals good for your lunch 🍴#likeme💁

👉 Main Street, USA was  famous also around the disney park were some of the merchandises stores for souvenir apparels and other convinient and easy to access facilities located.💁

Walking around the Main St.👣👣

Like the disney City Hall were it gives relevant disney informations around the themed park and good relations.👍

After a whole day of venturing, end up the fun night with the most anticipated magical moment of the night in a majestic sparkling dazzling Disney fireworks 💥🎇🎆and Night show Parades of famous disney characters ✨💫with disney musical themed songs🎶🎉. It will bring your soul into a lively whole new World ✨💫.

Be part of it……Dont miss…..Coz it likes magic❗💫

💭Time for Tina tips:

Tina tips: HK is a free visa country. If you have passort & money then you can have a chance to visit HK.

  • Make sure to have a complete details of hotel and itineraries for immigration checking purposes. (Basically they were strict into that)
  • Round trip tickets as well is very important. (1 ticket is not good/can make a trouble in BI.
  • When in HK, you can also have a chance to visit Macau.
  • Just need to purchased roundtrip ferry tickets and bring with you always your passport also.
  • Always ask Hotel card from the front desk of your hotel. It details hotel infos and directions. So you can show that to a driver when you ride taxi or shuttle bus for them to easily understood. Avoid from hassle. If you want to venture the city.
  • It’s preferred to have a tour guide for you to easily understood the meaning of what they say in HK. Coz most of them prefers to speak Chinese or Cantonese languages.
  • Always be on time. Dont be late esp. in your tour schedules. Be aware of time coz in HK, Time is gold.⏰
  • When your in disney, prefers to wear shoes or flatwares for your comfy feet coz Disney is too big to trawl around. #walkingfeelslike👣👣
  • used your more time to venture around by visiting those other tourist places while in HK.

Come now❗and visit Hongkong❗

Be charmed……coz its beyond fun❗


#toGodbetheglory 🙏


Love: Cristina💋


Johore Bahru, Malaysia 🌐

       After a fun filled day experienced in a beautiful place of Singapore. Well then, it’s time for me to venture what Johore Bahru has to offer during my 1 day tour in this rich history city of Malaysia.👍

Did you know that..💬❓

Johore Bahru is the capital state of Johore, Malaysia which is linked to Singapore by a Causeway. The state has a population of approximately 1.7 million, that’s why, it is considered as the second largest city south in Kuala Lumpur-the capital city of Malaysia.

Well❓…by enjoying the trip to Johore, across the causeway, dont miss to visit the Royal Abu Bakar Mosque. Then drive along the Lido Beach to Craft Town to observe batik painting for wall pictures and sarongs. This is followed by a visit to a Malay  Cemetery and the exterior of Royal Mauseleom to learn the Muslim culture in the burial of their deceased.👳

Before making my way back across the causeway, I took the chance to have an exciting adventures by visiting and exploring the famous attractions of Malaysia, the First Lego International Themepark – the “Legoland” ❗🏰. 

It opens in Nusajaya, Johor. And it has over 40 interactives rides, shows, and attractions packed with fun filled activities for you 👯and for the entire family 👪. 

My adventure started among the attractions, the first World’s Lego Tower❗…it gives me a happy moments as it takes me at the top while enjoying to watch the amazing panoramic scenic view of  the Themepark🙀. So, dont miss to try it guyz❗. (#itsHighlyrecommended😊)

As I experienced, it is not only beyond a fun place to venture but also a place designed that free access to all, to equip and promote everyone’s creativity and learning experience….Like the exciting Lego Mindstorm center✨ which gives me a chance to play Lego by making and molding it into my own house or in any form that I wanted. And it gives also a time for children and parents to create together a happy bond moments as one family by programming their own Lego robots, experimenting cool machines as well as building and contolling those awesome robots and run it in an epic tests on all their creations.👍 (astig..di ba❓..it feels like young at heart ❤)

Apart from it, the Themepark offers also some cool stuff to do in fully air-conditioned environments of other interactive fun attractions 🎢 which best for those Lego-lover, as their saying goes “Its away from the sun but not from the fun” ❗😁 such as the Lego Ninjago, Legoland Waterpark, 

Lego kingdoms🎡, 

Land of Adventure 🎠, 

Lego Miniland, Lego Technic, Lego Starwars, Lego city Stage that gives you a highly entertaining  live stage show, 

Lego rescue Academy were you can get an interesting lessons through a hands on activities, 

Boating School ⛵and Driving School 🚙which gives you a chance to drive and to get your very own license that you can proudly show to everyone, how awesome driver you are❗, 

Then the ImaginationLego 4D studios theme movies that will transfer you into a whole new dimension with elements of wind💨, water🌊, and fire🔥.

Well❓…if you feel tired, you can free to ride their mini train that will take you around the Themepark attractions🚊. (it’s worth it❗)

But what is more exciting❗❓of those rides and attractions are each of them has provided 

  • 📷 a photo booth for those who loves to capture pictures or take unlimited videos with the park characters ,

  • 🍴a numerous cafes/restaus/snacks corner for a wholesome meals everyone loves❗…located across the park that offers an extensive menu selection of fresh and wholesome foods catering to every palate. From a well-prepared freshest halal certified ingredients to sweet desserts and chillaxing drinks 😋, and

  • 💰a big shopping centers/shopping stores that best for those who likes  shopping after a fun adventures😉. It offers everything you need as your pasalubong or souvenirs apparels for your love ones, from a small purchases to largest collection of Lego sets of toys, accesories, Lego tshirts, keychains and magnets that you have ever seen to essential everyday items. It well stocked with goddies for you to shop til you drop❗👍.

Now, if you think its a little bit pricely💰❓and if you dont feel to eat inside the park❓then, dont worry❗ because there were some fastfoods 🍴located outside the Themepark which anytime..will ready to serve you 👍, Like the famous Mcdonalds were you can dine and have your meals, and the mini markets for more shopping galore, which you can buy some good items that are not available inside the Themepark such as Malaysian local food (chocolates), tourist magnets and other common stuffs for pasalubong in an affordable price only. Then you can walk around and venture the Medin Mall just outside the Themepark as well. 😊

Apart from it, beautiful Legoland hotel awaits you also❗to experience some of their awesome amenities when you stay and chillax for a night✨. (how amazing❗❓….Right❓)

💬Now, its time for Tina Tips ❗🎶🎶

For Johore Bahru:

✔Tina Tips: so, if you are in Singapore, you can have a chance to travel and take a short visit to those attractions in Johore, Bahru, Malaysia thru a shuttle bus at Singapore flyer. 💁

  • you just need to ride a taxi from a place you stay of going to Singapore Flyer, because it only takes a minute/s of travelling🚕 (an easy and fastest way, esp. If your a first timer) 👍
  • around Singapore flyer, there were ticket booths for your bus tickets, and some food stalls were you can buy food or dine for, while waiting for a bus. 🚌
  • it takes 2-3 1/2 hours from Singapore Flyer to Johore. So, better to travel 8:00 in the morning to arrive early.
  • For Johore tour price, it ranges around S$39 for adult/ S$22 for child (3-12 yo). 💵
  • you will pass by from Beauru of Immigration (BI)-Singapore to BI-Malaysia….Vice versa👍
  • So, make sure that you don’t forget always to bring and prepare your Passport and other documents with you, like the hotel card/ tour itenirary and entrance tickets of the place that you will be visited (if available) for checking,  so that the BI officer will not be asked you longer, always secure those docs….(para di ka matagalan)😉
  • well…the BI Malaysian officer is usually strict, upon presenting your Passport, they will be commonly asked like “what will you do in Malaysia”….”How long will you stay”…”who’s with you”…So just answer it confidently and sincerely.👍
  • Upon checking inside the BI, your bus will be waiting at you and other passengers at the parking area. Just memorize your bus plate no. Or bus no. Because there were a lot of busses at the park…it will not make you difficult to find. 😊
  • If you want more interesting adventures, you can also visit Malacca’s attractions as well. It takes 4 hours of travelling time from Johore to Malacca – a quiet town but history abounds. 💁(tour price ranges to S$90 adult/ S$45 child 3-12 yo) 💸
  • well…Good news❗Malaysia is a free-visa country. ✔

For Legoland🏰:

✔Tina Tips: the price ranges to S$79 adult/S$69 child (3-11 yo)/S$69 senior. 💰

  • But if it is Peak season, the price getting high around to S$83 adult/S$73 child/ S$73 senior. 💸
  • The ticket you purchased is non refundable. The ticket includes from best to scarry unlimited rides❗. (So….have a worth experience of it❗ )
  • Then, the bus will come back or pick up you at 5:00 in the afternoon to make own way back to Singapore HoteL again 👍.

    What are you waiting for❗❓Come❗coz Awesome awaits you❗. #secondventuresSuccess✈

                  #toGodbetheGlory 🙏

    ———————————————————Love: Cristina💋

Republic of Singapore 🌐

        This is my first posts….It’s a very first time that I make my blog after a long period of times of planning and thinking about having my own one, were I can share and express my personal experiences and adventures in my travel journey. 👓

Sharing non-sense/vain/ funny moment stuffs…😜 I guessed……?? 😶

But of course…I will try and Hoping to share also good things and important tips and views about the wonderful places I’ve been visited through..with my squad 👍.

#travelogue#travelholic#mytraveldiary galore❗

I started to travel at the age of 25 👍 but its really my vague dreams and passions already habang nag-aaral pa ako. I always been thinking of travelling the world, and I know that it would be difficult because I was just a young student pa that time. But I believed that the “Impossible will be Possible” if I will finish my studies and find a good work, save money then starting to pursue my dreams – #travel….🌐

    For me: travel is investment…not only invested money and precious time but also invested happiness and success….and that’s my first move 👍.

     Welcome to the Little Red Dot and the Island city-state….🌐

       Be with me 👍….To explore and discover the wonders of  Singapore…It’s rich history, many unique and memorable experiences and their multi-racial lifestyle that has to offer. 

      With a fun filled day❗❗😁 in my first ever travel adventures 🌐👍.

It feels good upon arriving at Singapore-Changi International Airport ✈….Because of the full charm and character inside the airport….its very cozy and clean and wide, apart from the modern amenities and lifestyle inside 👍  it has also park and its wide Green spaces 🍀🌳..👍Pang 📷 #Insta ang views…I can say that sa loob pa lang ng airport pwede na mag tour at pa picture sa sobrang ganda niya 👌.

Tina Tips: you can get Free guide maps or guide booklets and pamphletes from the famous tourist spots you’ve visited to…👍

If you dont have package tour as it includes picking you in the airport through a tour shuttle bus then, you can Choose to ride a taxi cab/public bus/MRT going to your hotel naman…Note👆that in Singapore…they can understand  and speak English…So no no worries…..☺Ok👍

Tina Tips: better to get a package tour, especially, if you are a first timer tourist or first timer to have a tour outside the country…👍 I think its a required thing to do….It can help you to lessen your expenses 💸..💰..So…Smart idea….😉Grab a promo❗❗‼❕

  • first day ventures: 

                            Merlion Park 👓

My first day in Singapore is having a half day city tour…It’s a must to do…👍And I dont want to miss ❕❗ this famous attractions.

Merlion Park is famous for the legendary Merlion…Its a half lion and half fish..that known to be as a guardian of prosperity👍

It personifies Singapore’s history as port city. And humble beginning of Singapore.

The Merlion park is also sorrounded by the beautiful colorful flowers 🌸 and tallest buildings 🏬. Di kalayuan Nito ay matatanaw rin ang napakagandang Garden by the  Bay, flower Dome and cloud forest 🌺…..That’s why?…Dinadayo talaga ito ng mga turista.👍

               Singapore China Town 🏯

It’s from financial district….By exploring here, I discovered the rich heritage, cultivation of their own unique identity and insightful stories of chinese group settled here. It has a very colorful attractions and decorations….Beside of it…There’s a lot of mini shop stall/stores were they offer cheap prices to the affordable goods for pasalubong than buying in a mall 👍….dito guys tawaran lang ang peg….😜

                Singapore Little India 🏯

Well…..From chinese to Indians cultures, it is in the midst of chinatown were oldest and picturesque famous Hindu Temple and the Little India arcade can be found. Yes❗its very vibrant and has wonderful structural designed. Before entering to the temple..It is required to take off sleepers and of course, wearing shorts or sexy dresses are not allowed to enter because of the belief that Temple is sacred and then, inside of it…Makikita agad ang mga prutas like bananas and other stuffs offered to their gods…🙏. Its kinda very different but its also amazing to know their cultures…Right❓

It’s a haven of Indian culture that embodies the vibrant and colorful pulse of Indian community in Singapore.👏

Aside from that….I also got a chance to explore the different products of Indian….In which, along the streets..There’s a lot of pasalubong stores. kaya naman…👍I bought some colorful boxes/jewelries/dressses and other things for pasalubong in a affordable price…👌

            Bugis Street/Bugis Mall 🏢

Ito’y isa sa mga kilalang pinupuntahan ng mga tourist and locals for shoppings galore….Mas cheap price ang mga bilihin dito…..but has a good quality products compare to the other malls. Well….BUGIS offers everything from luxury brands to mid-priced fashion And any vast range of products…Name it..??They all have it..👌..As we know, Singapore is popular for their homegrown brands 😲that truly offer something for every one.👍

There were a lot of great shopping centers in Singapore like Paragon/Orchard Central/Wisma Atria/etc. Since….SG is a shopping paradise….👍

But there’s no other place like Bugis…As I explored inside the mall..There were a lot of beautiful sightseeing inside…The restau for dine….The fountains for chillaxation….And the different stores selling fashionable items and delicious food 😍. In fact, I bought small luggage and chocolates for pasalubong here because of the affordable price Also👌….In short, Di mabigat sa bulsa 😉.

Tina Tips: Better to ride a taxi cab going to Bugis…..for a first timer…like me 👍. Its a hassle-free…And it only takes minutes going there.👍

  • second day ventures:

                 Garden by the Bay 🌸🌺

From Selegie Road were the hotel I stayed located…I just take a walk for a minutes going to Subway station to take a ride going to Vivo City to dine and for some insight-looking on what Vivo has to offer. 

Vivo City is a famous Largest shopping center also…In fact, it is one of the Asian mega malls according to Forbes Traveler 👍. With fashion boutiques, dine and wine in the different fastfood and restau that has unique flavour and aroma 🍴🍷…Rewind and celebrate all day….Well..the best for #foody #foodyholic #foodyventures👍🍴🍴🍴🍴To life and Good times 😉💁.

From Vivo City, I just took a taxi cab going to Garden by the Bay and Flower Dome..👍The awesome Garden by the Bay in the Bay South…is a famous gardens of the world according to FoxNews.com…..with its diverse plant life around the world 🌐…..Wow❗❗❗I feel amazed…Having a chance to get up close with exotic species in the cool conservatories…😮and see ing the beautiful attractions from Outdoor gardens to: 

Flower Dome 🌸and Cloud forest🌱were I explored the blossoming beauties of floral displays like orchids and other colorful flowers..its cloud walk and tree top walk..❗🌸

🌳which very colorful when the night falls…It come to life with a spectacular light and sound show..👍pretty nice for taking pictures at night📷#insta..❗

Heritage Gardens
🌿🍀 were I discovered the significance of plants and exotic trees in the city-states’s heritage🌱. Then…..

the attracted Dragonfly Lake that support the ecosystem and gardens sustainability👍. I took a chance to walk beside the lake while enjoying the sightseing attractions 👣. 

Garden by the Bay offers also cafeshop for those who wants to dine inside like cafe crema….Gardens cafe etc 🍴…..Just for you ☕.

Outside the Bay…It has a shopping center were pasalubong tourist magnets/sleepers/jewelries are available…Well❓…Its a little bit costly 👌💰.But no choice…for me…I need to buy some souvenirs for my squad 👍#shoppyholic 👌 #gotshopping🎶

Tina Tips: for entrance tickets price: [28S$ adult /16S$ child – 3to12 yo].

                          Marina Bay 🏢

After whole day experienced in the Bay south, I visited the famous Marina Bay at night. A home to luxury hotels/shopping stores/fine dining and exclusive nightlife spots 💫. It has a breathtaking views at night👍.

It’s a free wifi areas…That’s why, maraming tao at young ones nag stay dito along the pathways not only to connect and chat w/ friends but to shop..Dine…and play casino also. It also have a vague beautiful fountain Wishing well inside. There’s a lot of Expensive Luxurious branded product stores for shopping as well 👌.

  • third day ventures:

    Universal Studio Singapore (USSR) 🏰

A 1 day passes to the happy place I visited for….Amazing views to take pictures like USSR logo and the Lake of dreams, and the breath taking cutting edge rides show attractions that can be momentum ✨.

It offers a vibrant and energetic unlimited rides..Shows..Parades…Pictures with mimic cutty famous actors…shopping stores for pasalubong like Universal studios stores/minions store…Etc..its kinda pricely…But if theres enough budget into it….Then why not…❓As they say….What ‘s a little excess luggage w/c you can show your love ones with gifts❓👍

It is a one time big time 1 day experiences….So I took the privilege to experience scarry rides 😰….Yes❗G❗

while walking around…I visited the puss in boots giant journey atttaction and a crate adventure Madagascar 💫and other famous cartoons booths that rich of Its collections and stories 📃.

for hunger stomach…No worries❗..Because there were a lot of fastfoods and restaus inside the USSR to dine for, either for lunch..Snacks….Dinner🍴with a variety of fusions-japanese 🍱koreans 🍜chinese 🍚food🍴that Good and warmly served for tourists. 👍 

Tina Tips: to USSR take a ride by shuttle bus/taxi/MRT for cheapest transport. For entrance tickets price with unli rides [74S$ adult/ 54S$ child – 4 to 12 yo].

                        Sentosa Island 🌊

Let’s take a look to the Asia’s favorite playground, which is a home to an exciting array of theme attractions. 🚉From USSR, I took a train just along the Universal studio….going to Sentosa Island w/c sorrounding seas and the amazing city of skyline.👍

🗾Sentosa Merlion is one of the attractions in the Island. I took a chance to explore more About the Island by:

🚠Riding a Singapore Sky Cable Car (the peak) were excitement takes me high❗through the panoramic view of the world’s busiest harbour 🗻.Here, I got a chance to see and explore the most scenic highway from faber peak…The popular hilltop park…The sentosa beach resort and the resorts world  sentosa attractions as well👍.

Through cable car 🚟  I experienced my first destinations:

The Imbiah Lookout were spectacular Madame Tussauds Singapore  located. Through this journey, I got a chance to meet the famous mimic life size stars…filled red carpet…given a chance to take selfies..📷..Relive iconic film moments along side the legends who brought them to life…So..❓Who do you want to meet❓📷

Next stop…The Butterfly park and insect Kingdom 🐛🐞wow….❗I got a chance to get up close to nature. .With the best wild life, the stunning variety of beautiful butterflies and insects with the scents…Sights…And sounds of authentic tropical rainforest ☀. Here, I can engage from start to finish 🐾.

Then…The excited Tiger Sky TowerI dont want to miss this adventures. Riding and catching the breath taking panoramic views across the Singapore’s Southern Islands. 👍The ever first Tiger tower (w/ 50 storeys!). Its a tallest free standing observation tower. Day or Night, views from the tower promise to be both scenic as it gently revolves to a viewing height…Oh yes❗❗❗❗🙀#brave #fearless #height💪#mustTry

I Experienced also the inspiring ocean life at SEA Aquarium and Maritime Experiential Museum 🐋were I explored the unfold endless wonders of our blue planet 🌍. It’s the worlds largest aquarium 🐳were tourists like me can immerse themselves in a rich world featuring the magestic marine species…🐡🐙how amazing 😮❗right❓The aquarium is a home to gentle giants of the sea🐬🐚.

  • fourth day ventures:

   Singapore Night Safari 🐘

One of the 4 wildlife adventures..Apart from river safari, Singapore zoo, and Jurong bird park. A no.1 night spot, In fact… Its awarded as 12x winner by Singapore Experience Award as Best visitor attraction experience category 👍. Let us…. dicover the first nocturnal worlds of wildlife parks…Its dramas and mysteries 🙀.

My 4th day sched. is exciting, as I enjoyed to ride the tram for trekking❗❗and getting up close encounter with the animals 🐅🐆. Then, at night….I watched the exhilarating creatures of animal night show 🐇. Yes❗

It gives a chance Also to lucky tourist viewers to participate the show especially if you are animal lover…Having some tricks….touching and having pic with the animals…such as snake or rabbit or big birds etc 🐹…Then get some prizes one..🎁 #gotAluck 👍. 

Well….Its a surprise if lucky enough to choose you to go on stage with them 🎊but kinda scarry as well 🙀…….

At the end of the show…Its still overwhelming😄. 

Then, watching the heart pounding fire free shows..Makes me amazed 😍 as well. It makes my body moving and dancing also, because of the music and the talented fire dancers…#prettyawesome 🙀 #likeit👍..While dancing…You can get videos or take pictures with them..🔥.

🙎if planning to ventures here..Dont miss that shows journey👍.

Safari offers restau or fastfood to dine for🍴…..Like the Ulu Ulu Safari Restau. Inside the safari also are the retail stores to shop for pasalubong….Such as the ref magnets/tshirts/keychain/sleepers/wallets etc 💰💳. well…As usual..Its a little bit pricely 😔. 

💁As for me, I tend to buy ref magnets as I travel for my collections and souvenirs also 👍because its kinda affordable, apart from keychains.
Some products will costly around S$50 dollar like tourist magnets 👌. 

Tina Tips: 

  • Getting pics or videos with a flash cam during the tram rides and animal shows are strictly prohibited..Its a big no no 🚫because animals are very sensitive✖to the lights.
  • Then, safari opens daily…for restau and shop it opens around 5:30pm. 
  • for entrance tickets payment inclusive English commentary tram ride is [S$45 adult/ S$30 child]….They also have available Mandarin/Japanese Commentary tram rides 👍.
  • going To Night Safari…You can take taxi or shuttle bus that available to and from safari w/ charges apply 👌
  •  fifth day ventures: 

                         Singapore Flyer 🌐

I took a taxi going to Singapore flyer…It takes just a minute from the selegie road. Here, theres a lot of fastfood to dine and some shopping centers and ticket booths. 

The Eye sky tower  Can be found here..was just a breath taking and heart pounding. I got a chance to take a ride withthese Asias largest Giant observation Wheel 🌌 while enjoying the panoramic majestic night views of the city and beyond. 👍

what a wonderful experience❗❗❗❗😻

The Wheel has 28 capsules and take up 28 passengers each in 30 minutes. 🙀 #highlyrecommended #mustTry 😜 #flyhigh

Tina Tips: you can have dine and wine [romantic dinner] inside the Wheel capsule while it taking You up and enjoying the scenic views with the delicious food 🍴For  those who have enough budget 😉. Then, the staffs also offers photo booth were you can have your own pics with the Eye tower….You just only get it after the rides…But you need to pay for it…Its not free 🙅. You also need to buy ticket in order to avail the rides experiences 👍. #worthit ❗

Tina Tips: lastly, if you have enough budget…Then you can grab and avail the tri city tour or joint city tour….Starting From Singapore to malaysia to indonesia 🌐Just got a promo pack👍.Ok❗

After the long travelcation in Singapore…I will go back home with amazing learnings and fun memories 👍…That’s the most vital feelings for my travel ventures in Singapore 🌐. #firstventuresSuccess ✈

          #ToGODbetheGlory 🙏


photo credits: Delarosa christine 💋